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Our commitment is to your success...
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BancMac - Your Community Bank Mortgage Partner
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Our commitment is to your success...

Our commitment is to your success and that of your customers. That's why we offer a professional sales and service network designed to move your business forward - by generating quick fundings, offering the most innovative products and programs and working with you to provide fast answers, fast decisions and fast purchases.

The BancMac loan program gives financial institutions easier, more profitable access to the secondary mortgage markets, regardless of the institutions size and experience. BancMac offers all of today's fixed-rate products at competitive rates, including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, guaranteed rural housing. With flexible participation options all financial institutions can benefit from the many products available - there is no minimum loan production volume or secondary market loan origination experience necessary to make significant fee income with the BancMac program. Leverage the BancMac team as your secondary market loan experts - we offer a wide variety of business support services.

Most importantly, the BancMac loan servicing will not be sold and customers won't be cross-sold other banking services:

  • Your borrowers will not be cross-sold any product or service. Only you can offer them credit cards, checking accounts, CDs, mutual funds, or other products and services. In fact, if your financial institution is in good standing with BancMac, when your borrowers call us about refinancing their mortgage directly, they will be referred back to your financial institution - ensuring that your customers remain yours.

  • Your borrowers' loan servicing will not be sold. That means your customers will not be aggravated by having to switch payments to a new mortgage servicer every year or two.
By logging onto our proprietary tool, BancAccess, provide outstanding customer service not available with any other community bank secondary market loan program:
  • Collect secondary market mortgage loan payments in your bank at your teller window... keeping the customer focused on your institution, not on some big mega servicing company located in New Jersey, California, or New York!

  • Access in your financial institution current mortgage information to answer inquiries about loan balance, interest paid to date, payment amount, escrow balance, and much more!