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About BancMac
BancMac - Your Community Bank Mortgage Partner
Why BancMac?

BancMac is THE mortgage partner for financial institutions. We offer a full menu of products and services, depending on what best fits your needs.

Increase your reputation as a lender - increase your lending market share!
  • Over 70% of all home mortgage loans that are originated are sold in the secondary market to investors such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Don't lose your core banking customers to others when your in-house loan product does not fit their needs!

    BancMac offers...
    • Competitive rates!
    • Expanded guidelines
    • Minimal loan documentation.
    • Expedited underwriting decisions - many within hours of receiving the application!
  • Attract a whole new group of bank customers and depositors with secondary market loans - if a borrower wants a 15- or 30-year, fixed-rate loan, they'll find it somewhere - grow your market share and banking customer base by offering the competitive BancMac program!
Make money!
  • Originating mortgages with BancMac will not require any asset allocation on your balance sheet.

  • Generate significant fee, non-interest income for your institution with every BancMac loan that you originate. We can show you how! Here's a simple example:
    • $100,000 loan
    • $250 loan origination or application fee charged to the borrower by your institution.
    • Price on BancMac rate sheet (a wholesale price) of 100.50 (also called 'half-point above par or half-point premium) means that you earn another $500.
    • Total fee income to your bank of $750!
Expand your product offering and - if you're already offering some secondary market loan products - improve your price and competitiveness!
  • Leverage the size and scale of BancMac! BancMac has access to reduced loan documentation and expanded underwriting guidelines from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; in addition, BancMac uses the latest loan processing technology and can provide loan decisions almost immediately when needed.
Expand your customer relationships - and retain your customers!
  • Originate secondary market loans with BancMac and don't worry about the 'big nationals' soliciting and cross-selling your customers for their checking / savings account, home equity loan, credit card, etc.

  • Submit to BancMac a traditional mortgage application (Form 1003) and supporting documentation; work directly with the borrower on the standard disclosures, counsel the borrower on mortgage products and rates. Lock the rate with Bancmac, process the loan, utilizing the BancMac support team to address any questions that you or the borrower may have. BancMac will handle the underwriting and preparation of the closing documents. The loan closing occurs at your institution with your funds. Then ship the closed loan to BancMac for purchase.