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About BancMac
BancMac - Your Community Bank Mortgage Partner
BancMac Products & Programs

BancMac offers a variety of mortgage products with a wide range of interest rates and commitments / delivery windows

Fannie Mae and Freddie MAC conforming conventional mortgages - loan amounts up to $417,000.00
  • Terms- 10, 15, 20, and 30 year
  • Odd-year terms available (13-year, 25-year, etc)

GRH / Guaranteed Rural Housing loans - LTVs up to 100%, plus financing of closing costs

  • 30-year fixed rate

A wide variety of commitment / loan rate-lock and delivery meet every borrower and closing need!

  • 10 to 55 day rate-locks
  • Locks are available from time of application, even before the borrower selects the property
  • If the loan is definitely going to close, make more money with a "mandatory" rate-lock and loan delivery
  • Extended rate-lock and delivery periods available on an "as quoted" basis