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BancMac - Your Community Bank Mortgage Partner

As a preferred BancMac client, you have access to BancAccess, a proprietary Internet tool that will allow you to maintain a much closer relationship with your customers by offering a higher level of customer service through the use of cutting edge technology.
  • With our Internet-based tool, BancAccesssm, your tellers can accept mortgage payments on mortgages that we service. The customers walk out your door with a payment receipt in hand. You simply 'forward' the payment to BancMac via BancAccess (similar to an ACH transaction) and we post the payment to the customer's account...just as we would do if the payment had been mailed to us. It's that simple!

  • With BancAccesssm, we can also provide you with secure access to your customers' mortgage data. In your institution, you can immediately access information to answer inquiries about loan balance, interest paid to date, payment amount, escrow balance, and much more. Just think how powerful that tool can be…instead of simply telling your customer to call a mega loan servicing center located in New Jersey or California.